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Welcome to our community website

If you already didn't know…….

Who we are:  

We are workers from different professions; employed by different agencies including: Birmingham City Council, Heart of Birmingham PCT, Anglesey School, Barnardos and NCH.

Who are we for:

We are here for every family within the area which has children under 5 or apregnant woman. We are not here only for mums, we welcome dads, grandparents, carers, childminders...and all cultures, religions and communities are valued.


What do we do:

Ante-natal care, High quality daycare for parents and carers who are working/studying, Drop-in services, Targeted services, Home visiting.


Our Aim:

Our aim is to improve life chances for all children under 5 within our area, as every child should be able to:



Be healthy

Stay Safe

Enjoy and achieve

Make a positive contribution

Achieve economic well-being



Here you can find out about the activities, courses, services and information we offer, including links to over 80 useful websites and local contacts

Help with returing to work, childminding and finding childcare are also available

Click here to find out more about us

Some areas of our site provide great family entertainment - you and your children can play some of the great games. If you are new to using computers this will help you get used to using the mouse and keyboard, whilst having fun! Click here for Games

Our Parent Talk forum invites you to add information for other parents as well as our staff to read and answer.   Please feel free to read through the posts, ask questions, give us your opinions and feedback, or even stories of good news!

Our Centre brings together and delivers existing services within The Cherry Tree Centre covering Childcare, Health, Family and Support services in a supportive, Early Years, in and understanding and positive environment.  We work to the 'Every Child Matters' agenda. 

Come and explore our website and let us know what you want in it!!




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